Game Tokens

School Carnival Games

Tokens Provide & Validate A Rreal World Experience

Tokens provide a real world experience to reinforce mathematics learned in the classroom.

Field day is an opportunity for the children to do different things while still learning. Obstacle courses challenge by giving a wholesome whole body workout in a protected safe inflatable. Traditional Carnival Games also teach while they play. Our game system was designed by a NJ State Certified Teacher to teach and reinforce real world mathematics skills as they play.

Tokens speed game play by allowing volunteers to focus on the next child's turn because they can just hand the previous child a token when they have met the game goal, instead of waiting for a prize selection. For safety volunteers can not be distracted with other duties.

Games are fun because you either do the game right and 'win' or you need to try again. Players experiment and learn what works. Schools that don't value this healthy, wholesome competition and skill benefit are really missing the opportunity games provide our children. There are so many different games and skills that every child can succeed in at least one game and win a fistful of tokens to trade in or bring back to the classroom. Doing mathematics with game tokens make the field day with games a legitimate school day!

Game rentals require volunteers to help setup, take down and run the games. We need a list in advance of who is doing what at what time. The 'volunteer bond' of $100.00 will be charged for extra work our staff need to do if volunteers do not help as agreed.

Games of Skill & Age/Ability Specific Rules

ALL of the games we provide are games of skill, not games of chance. Games of skill mean that if you continue to play and practice you will get better. Children understand this and like to see themselves improve against the standard. As they play they may feel successful and excited to meet the game's expectation or they may see they need to do it differently or try harder. When they 'do it' they feel proud. The token reinforces that feeling and is a measure of their success in that endeavor.

The rules we provide for each game have three or four different play levels for the players' skill level giving all children an equal chance of success. The games are varied so some games have a better chance of success than other games thereby providing a very balanced play opportunity for players of all ages.

Volunteers are taught that the idea is to have wholesome family style fun and allow each child to come away with an overall positive feeling. Our game system facilitates this feeling and the ability to succeed at the child's level.

In an ideal school, church, or company game setting we rotate the volunteers to a different game so they get a break from doing the same game, get out of the sun and under one of our canopy tents. We rotate so the same volunteer is not constantly bending down to pick up game balls or darts when other volunteers just have games that 'slide' pucks down the game to turn over bowling pins on a bar. Nothing ever has to be picked up. We like 'play fair' with our voulnteers and game players.

Tokens Give Real World Math Skills For Every Day

Tokens give the program a tri fold opportunity that some schools miss. It saddens us when schools don't understand the sophisticated game program we have put together and miss the purpose of the tokens thereby denying the children a perfect learning opportunity.

1) Tokens acknowledge a job well done by the player. Tokens can feel like a paycheck since the kids worked for them. The token feels valuable to the player.

2) Tokens allow redemption which kids expect when they win tokens. A redemption booth is a simple way to REINFORCE REAL WORLD MATH SKILLS as they need to count, value and trade in tokens for prizes at a central redemption booth. It can work as a market day experience as they consider the items available for purchase and use the tokens they won to purchase the various items of their choice. The trade must be completed within the time allowed which gives the children an opportunity for a math test they don't even know they are doing. Even three year olds appreciate counting out their tokens for a prize.

3) Tokens provide for statistical analysis back in the classroom when children take their tokens back to the classrooms and count, chart, subset and discuss the distribution of the tokens at every grade level. Schools can award a pizza party or ice cream social to the class room that accumulates the most tokens or just announce who had the most. Tokens are flexible and allow a variety of opportunities for learning.


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