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Children backyard parties, schools, churches and camps are not the same for the kids. Inflatable moonwalks, slides, obstacle courses, fun food machines, carnival games, tables, chairs, and craft machines are all available for your party rental! Are they the right choice for your party?

Jump houses and combo units are great for backyard parties. Kids take turns grouped by size and are easy to keep them safe. These work for kids 5 years to 12 years depending on what is in the combos and what the manufacturer requires.

Mini combos are the best for the little kids 3-5 years old as they are not just jumping. Mini combox have jump climb and slide sections. Mini combos can handle kids 3-7 years old as determined by height of the individual child.

Slides come in all sizes, wet and dry. Mini Combos as we discussed are good for the children 3-7 and can not be used wet. Covered slides are best for children 5 to 8, these often have a jump house on one side, a rockwall ladder and a slide which can sometimes be used wet or dry. This age group does not like 'just a slide' they like the jump/slide combos and are best for younger children. Mid range slides with partial covers at least are good for kids 8 years and up to at least 12 years old. Open slides wet or dry are best for kids 10 years and over. But please remember if you child enjoys a merri-go-round it does not mean the are ready for, and probably do not want the Roter Room experience.

None of our slides have water popls so you do not need to hire a lifeguard to supervise pr have a board of health inspection for standing water backeria! Our wet slides are 'splash downs' and for health reasons do not have standing pools of water. They are also less scarey for younger kids since no one goes 'under the water' it is a mist or sprinkle down the slide and ends with the splash from that sprinkle at the end of the slide. Water does not stay at the end of the slide - the kids carry it out on their bathing suits!

Just because a child can go down a slide does not mean that child is ready for that super size slide. We want them to be safe first and have fun second. Some parents want to give their kids more excitement and instead of getting the age appropriate inflatable for their child's developmental level and the forces their bodies can handle they get slides that are more scarey and more dangerous. Just because they can does not mean they should!

Never go down a slide with a child. In other parts of the country where inflatables are not as heavily regulated tragedies havd occured when parents went down a slide with their baby/toddler. Body weight matters. You would not carry your infant across a water bed, don't put your child at risk on an inflatable not sized for your child. For the most fun and safety use inflatables correctly.

Obstacle Courses of any length are best for schools, camps and puclic events because they move more riders through in the shortest time.

Children's chairs and tables are safer for kids, but also look adorable for their parties. Popcorn is a wholesome healthy snack good for kids and adults, but not babies. Cotton Candy will melt in everyone's mouth and is fun to watch being made. Be sure the 'Double Bubble safety cover is on to protect children's eyes which when watching the cotton candy being made are at the level of flying sugar. Always make cotton candy on the cart we provide as it is the safe correct position. On a table is too high which causes potential eye damage to you eyes as well as wrong posture while making the cotton candy and making your arm and shoulder painful. Snow Cone is best in summer when it is awesome on hot days to cool off, though some schools and activity centers use them in winter to make edible snow balls! Spin Art is a fun easy thing for all ages, but resist the temptation to do your child's spin art card! Make your own. Have all the parents make their own. We give you lots of cards so everyone can try their skill. Finally traditional carnival games go with any party as we provide game rules from toddlers, elementary school age, teens, high school kids, and even adults. Our carnival games have gone to wedding receptions with cotton candy to recreate the Jersey Shore memories. Call us, we can help your ideas work for your party!

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Private Backyard Party Rentals, Complete school, camp, and company event rentals of inflatable water slides, moonwalks, bounce houses, obstacle courses, 3in1 4in1 and 5in1 combination units (combos) jump houses and inflatable themes with official Disney, WB, Universal Studios, DC comic super heroes, classic kid themes, tables, chairs, including preschool tables and chairs available for full day rental.  Traditional Carnival Games, popcorn cotton candy snow cone machines add to party fun.  Spin Art and Pucker Powder crafts give the children more at your party! Be sure to ask about our Air Castles And Slides specials going on right now! Packages always available. Some units are available for sale for best offer.  Give us a call!

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