XA1 350 Deluxe Carnival Game Package Backyard

XA1 350 Deluxe Carnival Game Package Backyard

    • Actual Size: 20'10'
    • Setup Area: 20'x20'
    • Age Group: children through adult
    • Attendants: 2 Staff included, 2 Extra volunteers are welcome to help.

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Six Traditional Carnvial Games under two canopy tents. Four tables for games, cones and safety ropes to keep children safe. Two back tent walls to stop misthrown balls from hitting children. Children are awarded tokens as they play. Different rules apply to different age groups to make games fair for all children and adults. Two staff come with this two hour package to run the games. Extend the fun for an additional hour for just $50.00. package cost is $350.00 and only available for private backyard or hall type parties. You may select games for this package, but it is the quality control person loading the truck for your delivery that makes the final selections. Typical backyard games are; Frog Hop, Shuffle Board, Skee Roll in the first canopy tent and Star Darts, Tip A Troll and another throwing game such as Frisbee Toss, Krazy Hat, Ring Toss, Stop and Throw. Photos show extra games which you may add to your package. Tokens are also awarded to children as they play to trade in for goodie bags or prizes you provide. A1, A2, and A3 packages are the same.

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Carnival Game package $350