Air T ball with wiffleball bat, light balls and blower

Air T ball with wiffleball bat, light balls and blower

Setup area: 17'x20'

Age Group: Ages 4 years and up

Actual Size: 15x15

Outlets: #1 required; can be you or us,


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Air "T" ball; Balls hover in the air waiting for you to strike! Inflatable Fun Games, rent your prince or princess one today! Can be rented together or one at a time. Challenging for adults and children. Air "T" ball, Air Toss Targets and Air Tennis for your young sports fan and friends to bat or target toss safely to their hearts content! These games will delight your child and guests. Height is 8 feet for indoor or outdoor use. Children can try to hit the bouncing ball as it floats on a cone of air to score in the baseball game. Games are designed to handle adults and children. There are even special features for the very young. toddler Game is a bonus game for toddlers. Children can have fun resetting the ball on the floating column of air. Game included on the side of Air T ball and Air Toss Target only You must have a flat area, for these games and electricity near by. Air game rentals will be delivered to your home or party/event location and be set up for you. These are not rides be sure children do not climb on them! Bat and balls provided. Air T ball comes with wiffleball bat, light balls and blower.