A425 CARNIVAL GAME Volunteer PACKAGE School (10 games, tables, 3 canopy tents, rules, tokens, 10  your volunteers, no staff provided) Normal price $425

A425 CARNIVAL GAME Volunteer PACKAGE School (10 games, tables, 3 canopy tents, rules, tokens, 10 your volunteers, no staff provided) Normal price $425

    • Actual Size: 50'x20'
    • Setup Area: 55'x25' Your volunteers do complete setup/take down and operation
    • Outlets: Not needed
    • Age Group: Children through adult
    • Attendants: 10+ of your volunteers, no staff provided

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CARNIVAL GAME PACKAGE your Volunteers for School, Camp, and Church Fun Day. Best value when you can supply ALL the volunteers. Real State Fair, Traditional Carnival Games for your fun day event! Three EZ Popup canopy tents with 9-10 best quality, 'A' games and any tables or 'wheels' needed to run those games. Canopy Tents will be set up 10' apart from each other to increase the game area and create an illusion of a larger carnival. One or two games go in each space. Additional canopy tents are available for $35.00 each. Photos and games are viewable on the website. www.AirCastleGames.com 10x10 canopy tents come with back walls which keep errant balls and game pieces within the game space. We also include 24 inch safety/traffic control cones linked together with bright safety rope to help define the area for the children. Games can also be placed on the grass/floor depending on the game and/or need. Games differ and are selected for your particular situation. Game tokens are awarded as children win, which can be redeemed for prizes or goodie bags you provide. Tokens reinforce real world math skills back in the classroom. Only games of SKILL are provided NO games of chance (gambling) are included. Additional games are also available ($50.00 each) as long as you have additional volunteers. You must supply a minimum of one volunteer for each game, for each shift. Volunteers need to help set up and take down canopy tents, tables, and games, as well as run the games. Floor plan and rules for each game will be provided. Cost for 5 game spaces, 9-10 real carnival games, tokens, and you supply minimum of 10 volunteers for the full rental period is $425.00 and currently includes (available stock permitting) either bonus canopy shade tents over the other games for volunteers, or bonus duplicate games to make shorter lines. We recommend several shifts of volunteers with no shift longer than 1 hour with volunteers signing a commitment agreement in advance. Some of the most awesome events we have seen combine an inflatable obstacle course with the Fun Day Volunteer CARNIVAL GAME package! Games in this package usually include; [Krazy Kans, Ring Toss], [Shuffle Board, Frog Hop], [Stop ‘n Throw, Frisbee Toss], [Skee Roll, Slap Shot Hockey], [Fat Cats (2 layers)]. Alternates and additional games are available. Curb side delivery only, volunteers move and setup; games, tables, cones, game pieces, tokens and canopy tents from truck/trailer to location and return to truck/trailer at conclusion. You are responsible for return of all game pieces.